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ADHD is much more than some difficulty paying attention or staying focused for a few minutes. In fact, some people will grow up with ADHD and never receive a diagnosis. This causes them to struggle with it as an adult and face difficulty adjusting to an adult lifestyle.

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      Identifying the Symptoms of ADHD

      Even with treatment, symptoms of ADHD can continue into adulthood and make keeping a stable career difficult. What people may not realize is that medication to treat ADHD for children will not have the same effect on adults. With our treatment, we can help patients learn to cope with the condition and develop a customized treatment plan.

      Instead of letting the symptoms of ADHD hinder your quality of life in negative ways, schedule an appointment with us to begin treatment.

      Known as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), adults may not be aware of the symptoms to watch out for. Along with that, other people assume that ADHD is only a disorder that children struggle with. By identifying the signs and symptoms of ADHD, adults can seek professional treatment. These symptoms include:

      • Disorganization, difficult prioritizing or planning
      • Impulsive behavior
      • Difficulty multitasking
      • Low tolerance for frustrating situations
      • Regular mood swings
      • Difficulty following through with tasks
      • Trouble handling stressful situations
      • Regular feelings of restlessness

      Part of the issue is that adults will mistake symptoms of ADHD for normal life struggles since they mimic each other. One of the main signs that differentiate ADHD from just phases of adulthood or bad habit is the frequency and consistency of the symptoms. People with ADHD will continue to struggle with these symptoms, whereas other people will be able to work past them with ease.

      Since anyone can display signs that are similar to ADHD symptoms, it is important to seek professional treatment. During a consultation, we can determine how severe the symptoms are and whether or not they constitute as ADHD. Along with that, the symptoms must occur in multiple areas of a patient’s life to be considered ADHD.

      Types of Treatment

      Since the causes of ADHD can involve environment, genetics and problems during development, patients need customized treatment. Most treatments can involve a mixture of medication and therapy. Although, the level of each treatment option can vary per patient and change over time. For instance, an adult struggling with ADHD may benefit more from couples or family therapy to help work through relationship issues with others.

      Other patients may only need medication or individual therapy. Adult ADHD Therapy can help patients:

      • Analyze a situation and avoid negative behaviors or actions
      • Learn to better control their temper
      • Find effective methods for working through relationship issues with friends, family and partners
      • Begin to improve one’s self-confidence
      • Learn to cope with past failures and move forward
      • Learn and continue to enforce new problem-solving skills

      The most important fact is patients receiving the customized care to meet their needs. Below are several different types of treatment for adult ADHD.


      Medication to treat ADHD can involve methylphenidate or amphetamines to help balance the levels of brain chemicals. This can help patients who are struggling with ADHD symptoms and therapy is not enough. While other medications are available, each has their own set of side effects that we will go over with the patient. After the assessment, we make it easy for you to get the medicine to get you back to being productive at work and in life.

      We will help to find the right medication and the right dosage to help the patient cope with the symptoms of ADHD. The first step is to call us and schedule an appointment.

      Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

      Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on helping the patient learn to identify negative behaviors or actions and shift to positive ones. This therapy helps patients sort through the challenges of life from school and relationships to work and managing an adult lifestyle. We can also help to address other issues and conditions that have some form of connection to the ADHD.

      Group, Couples or Family Therapy

      One of the difficulties of adult ADHD is that people struggle to make connections with friends and family due to the symptoms of the condition. People who do not seek treatment for ADHD in any form will only make their lives more difficult. We can also help family members learn to cope with the stress of living with or spending time with the individual who has ADHD.

      These therapy sessions can create a healthy meeting for people to share their feelings while we help to facilitate.

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